Axium Brand Identity
Axium is a leading provider of project management and accounting software for architectural and engineering firms within the American market. The rebranding aimed to position the company as an innovative voice within the industry and one with whom businesses felt comfortable to partner. The new branding helped bring to life the core offerings of the product; ease of use, efficiency, and interconnectivity. 
Key aspects of the rebranding include the design and launch of corporate logos, communication templates, website and other interactive design, corporate brochures, as well as stationery and other print collateral. 
Gold Winer - Neenah Paperworks Competition, West Region (Q2, 2011)
The new branding positions Axium as an industry partner. The logo visualizes this connection as well as the project lifecycle.
Stationery system
Custom die cut business cards with blind emboss detail.
Notecard detail - blind embossed pattern.
Sales brochure - Custom die cut to mirror shape of business cards and angles of logo.
Green vellum splash page created a nice overlay on the typographic pattern.
Product simplified into two offerings: Ajera Core (basic) and Ajera Complete (pro).
Portland headquarters - Entry way wall art
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