Recurly's Demo Landing Page

Subscription businesses take their billing solution really seriously, that's why Recurly needed a landing page designed, for when their customers need to request a demo before they buy.
This landing page gives a nice high-level overview of Recurly's most valuable features, with a few product shots in the header and quickly gets the audience to the signup form, which is located both above the fold, and at the bottom of the page. The marketing team requested over 10 form fields, so in-order to keep this looking approachable, I truncated them in a two-step process so they appear more bite-sized. This landing page also features subtle parallax scrolling effects within the imagery to keep the user swiftly scrolling through the page and engaged. After this redesign, Recurly saw a 3% increase in the conversion rate for Demo request. 
Landing Page
Thank You Page
The Landing Page is fully responsive.
This video plays in the background of the Thank You page.

The 'Request a Demo' page before the redesign.
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